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Epoxy resin latex and its adhesive summarize water radical
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Epoxy resin adhesive is a kind of use history longer, the adhesive with extremely extensive use. As a result of its intensity, diversity and have superior agglutinate power to varied surface be stickinged, epoxy resin adhesive got the self-identity of extensive user. They had been participated in and accelerated the technical revolution of certain industry department. Epoxy resin can be used at sticking to receive etc of metal, glass, pottery and porcelain, a lot of plastic, lumber, concrete a few surfaces. In the epoxy resin that produces in the United States, 10 % above uses as adhesive.

Epoxy resin adhesive has following and important characteristic.

(Because 1) agglutinate sex contains annulus polar group of etc of oxygen radical, hydroxyl, amine radical, epoxy resin has tall agglutinate power to the material such as metal, glass and pottery and porcelain. They can make up the mixture of low viscosity, improve profit thereby wet, spread out and osmosis. The luscious group of diversity also gifts they are mixed in the metal ask plasticly have good add up to a gender in person. If epoxy resin is usable,accept the copper in printed circuit and pressing plate of phenolic aldehyde layer at sticking.

(2) cohesion sex is become colophony is measurable when solidify, the cohesion strength inside agglutination face is enough big, be in at the same time the agglutinate force between annulus oxygen and other data enough good, so that be in,the destruction below stress often happens at be being stuck one of content, is not epoxy resin or stick abutment face. For example, this kind of circumstance happens at the content be stickinged of glass and aluminium and weaker concrete and lumber and so on.

(Content of 3)100 % solid and phenolic aldehyde or adhesive of certain and other colophony are different, reaction water or other condensation by-product are not released when epoxy resin solidify. This makes stick receive a need to contact pressure not to need pressure completely perhaps. In addition, because do not need to divide water or volatile dissolvent, epoxy resin can use at the surface such as metal and glass conveniently stick receive or assemble. (The shrinkage when solidify of epoxy resin of 4) low shrinkage compares acrylic department and polyester kind wait for adhesive to want low much, the meet an emergency of its agglutination face is accordingly lesser, and stick receive stronger. Its shrinkage still can oxidize through joining filling of inorganic of silicon, aluminous etc and reduce further.

(Sex of 5) low creep originallies like other heat sexual colophony is same, the epoxy resin of solidify can maintain its appearance below long-term stress action, its maintain glue of plasticity of sexual specific heat (if get together second acerbity ethylene) good.

(6) is able to bear or endure wet sex and solvent resistance and protein, amylaceous, dextrin, gummy reach polyvinyl alcohol to differ, epoxy resin is not sensitive to humidity. They also have crackajack solvent resistance. They are the virtual heat bag with the commonly used respect such as electric machinery is buried or fill seals glue.
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